Fine art and functional sculpture in clay, wood, bronze, stone, steel and more…

Shop our Online Sculpture Gallery

See what’s currently for sale in our online sculpture gallery. Shop for both limited edition and one of a kind works in a broad range of subjects and materials.

Commission Custom Artwork

Sometimes it’s difficult to find ready made artwork for that special focal point in your home or business, or a favorite public space. Here you’ll find examples of commissioned artwork I have made for others and a list of the many types of work I do.

I’d be happy to discuss the possibility of making a custom sculpture for you as well.

Browse our Portfolio

Whether you are just looking, or looking for something in particular, here is the place to get a sense of the breadth of our work. From miniature to architectural, you’ll find examples of both three dimensional and bas relief sculpture, heat tinted steel engravings and mixed media or pierced steel wall sculptures.

Download my 84 page sculpture portfolio in an easy to view PDF format: Art and Innovation from the Creative Fires

Tour our Workshop and Farmstead

Enjoy a tour around our timberframe studio with it’s hammerbeam frame and arched roof. Find out about the tools and techniques we use in making our sculpture.

For regular updates on works in progress, follow my sculpture pages on Facebook and Instagram. 

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