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Fire Dragon

Video highlights of the fire dragon event at the Dean Gallery during the 2022 Alaska World Arts Festival.

If you know me well, have been on one of our tours, or spent much time on my website, you know I like coming up with creative solutions. Often the result of many iterations and the odd tearing of hair. As each one evolves, though I may not lose sleep over it, I often wake […]

‘We Have a Gallery’ Constructing The Dean Gallery Space

The Way of the Mammoth in The Dean Gallery

It’s been three years since that month we kept smiling at each other and saying, ‘We have a gallery!’ Although I must say, it’s still a bit of a thrill. In 2010, a friend and I went to Haines to dismantle a 24′ redwood water tank. Three heavy trailer loads later, the lumber shed was […]

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