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It All Begins with a Drawing

Evolution of the initial drawing for Through Your Spotting Scope, the first public art commission in Denali State Park.

The original drawing is a significant part of any new piece. Since the late ’70s, I’ve created commissioned artwork for individuals, businesses, and public places, which has resulted in an extensive library of proposal drawings. ​ Some I’ve made into finished metal or metal and wood wall art, while others sit on my hard drive […]

Geometric and Organic Abstract Metal Wall Art

One of a series of small geometric and organic abstract heat-colored steel engravings inspired by celestial and natural themes.

You may have heard me mention the series of geometric and organic abstract metal wall art pieces I made this fall. They’re inspired by celestial, braided river, and other natural themes. Each began as a quick charcoal sketch on a whitened piece of cold-rolled steel scrap. I made the initial design without forethought, working to […]

Celestial Octopus Art on Saw Blade

I ended up calling this piece ‘Let Me Check My Calendar.’ Though I finished the engraving last fall, I installed it last weekend, as the clients weren’t back at their Homer house until then. It’s the first saw blade engraving I’ve made in a while. They were my bread and butter in the North Carolina […]

Ready… Set… ART!

Portrait painter from Dollywood crafts festival.

It’s been a while since I worked on my art in public. I used to do a lot of portrait sculptures. Beginning with an armature and stack of clay rolls, I’d whip out a rough likeness in an hour and a half sitting. It helped when my model had distinctive features, though not all of […]

Limited Edition Originals – Variations on a Theme

Examples of limited editon original heat colored steel metal and wood wall art.

Metal Wall Art Variations – Unique Versions of a Design I made my first layered wood and metal wall art in the early ’90s. Since then, I’ve offered many of my designs for heat-colored metal wall art in small limited editions of seven.  I do the same for some of my early saw blade designs. […]

Making Layered Metal and Wood Wall Art

A happily breaching humpback whale interrupts a seagull's evening meal in this layered steel and wood relief.

I make a lot of my metal and wood wall art designs in small limited editions. You can commission them in custom sizes to fit a specific setting. I make them in both single and multi-layered versions; some have wooden elements. The layers are held together with hidden bolts and screws. I cut out the […]

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