Learn the Art of Heat Colored Steel Engraving

Discover How a Grinder, a Torch, and a Touch of Alchemy Can Inspire Your Creativity at a Whole New Level

If the prospect of creating your artwork using fire, grit, and steel has piqued your interest,

Or you’d like to enrich your metal arts knowledge and practice,

My Free 5-Step Guide ‘How to Make Heat Colored Steel Engravings’ will introduce you to this unique and extraordinary medium.

And provide a framework to follow when you’re ready to give it a try.

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A Dynamic Visual Effect

Hi, I’m Jeff Dean, a professional sculptor in Homer, Alaska.

As do many sculptors, I also have ideas for two-dimensional art.

For a sculptor or metal worker, heat colored steel engraving offers a medium for making pictorial works using tangible materials and familiar tools.

And if you’ve never worked with metal, you’re in for a real treat.

The way light reflects from the heat colors and metallic surface creates dynamic visual effects that are impossible to achieve using other materials.

Wood and metal wall art of a native hunter watching at a seal's breathing hole in front of a rising seal moon. Created when Yukon Kuskokwim Health Corp. decided to commission art for the new health center in Bethel, AK.
Seal Moon Rising - 12' W x 5' H - framed heat colored steel engraving

Avoid Learning Through Trial and Error

After years of experimentation and refinement, I’m ready to share my knowledge.

I’m creating a comprehensive online course to help you can master the fundamental skills of the art, and become confident, capable, and innovative, making heat colored metal art in your artistic style.

I’m still producing the course, (And packing in all the value I can,)

In the meantime, my free guide will introduce you to the exact steps I use to make heat colored metal wall art for private, corporate, and public art commissions.

That Touch of Alchemy

Heat colored steel engraving is a unique process. Your work can take on a life of its own, transforming itself as you make it, no matter how clearly you have envisioned the finished piece.
By the very nature of the medium, and no matter your skill level, factors beyond your control will conspire to influence the outcome.
And that’s the beauty of it. You are transforming a bare sheet of steel into a richly textured and colored surface.
The artistic decisions you make as you work are informed by your experience, sensitivity, and knowledge.
Whether you make them in quiet contemplation or the heat of the moment, that touch of alchemy that comes with playing with fire will either be your nemesis or your friend.
And the more skilled and experienced you become, the better you can anticipate its subtle ways and capitalize on them.

Learn in a Matter of Weeks What Took Me Years to Discover

In the Art of Heat Colored Steel Engraving course, we’ll dive deep into the fundamental steps of the process. Not only will it give you a firm grasp of the fundamentals, but you’ll stretch the limits of your imagination when it comes to their implementation. And you’ll be poised for success as you begin making your art, If you think you may be interested, or are even just curious, take a look at my guide. You’ll get a good idea of what’s involved and be among the first to hear when the course is available. Read on for the specifics…


The Art of Heat Colored Steel Engraving

A Self-Paced, Step-By-Step Course for professional artists and hobbyists alike, who want to strike up the torch and ‘Run the Colors.’

Six Value Packed Modules

Module 1 – Setting Up Shop

• The must-have feature to incorporate into your setup so you can work efficiently and avoid unintended results

Innovative, low-cost solutions to get you started on almost any budget

• How to adapt or upgrade your current shop (or create a simple workspace so you can give it a try)

Metal wall art steel engraving of brown bear ambling beside a pond with tall cattails, the moon and a raven above.

Module 2 – The Heat Color Spectrum

• The nine critical factors for consistently achieving even the most fleeting colors

My go-to tactic for getting an even color, two situations where it may be insufficient on its own, and what you can do instead

Module 3 – Engraving Your Design

• How to choose the best tool, bit, speed, and pressure to convey the desired character of each line you draw in the best possible way.

The roundabout solution I seldom go without so engraving the most demanding curves feels effortless and natural.

• The unexpected benefit you get by engraving the drawing that you won’t find in other media.

Engraving a painted turtle with a Suhner engraver.
Wire brushing around a ghostly mammoth in one of the grinding and heat coloring sequences making The Way of the Mammoth.

Module 4 – Grinding and Texturing

• I’ll show you how to take your mark-making repertoire to a whole new level, so you are innovative and resourceful with every abrasive, and can best portray your subject matter.

• How to suggest movement, form, transparency, and depth, so your art takes full advantage of the media’s dynamic qualities

• Why there’s more to grinding textures than merely getting to bare metal, and when you do this one thing, unsightly surprises become a thing of the past.

Module 5 – Blending Color and Texture

The little-known process for creating sophisticated color effects (that only you will know how to reproduce)

• How to save loads of time and money by merely knowing what type of steel to use

The real reason so many metal artists struggle to get specific heat colors and three things you can do to ensure your success

Examples of color and textural variations achieved using heat colored steel.
A weary salmon slips upstream while the fishing bear is distracted by friend raven.

Module 6 – Creating Your Art

• My secret solution for drawing on steel (This one took me years to discover), so your design looks exactly how you want before you commit it to posterity.

• An often overlooked factor you should always be sure of before clear-coating your artwork

The one thing you must always consider when planning your work to avoid working yourself into a corner.

And, the course is hosted on a mobile-friendly platform so you can review each Lesson in the comfort of your studio.

Lifecycle in salmon stream. Engraved steel metal wall art with heat tints on cherry table.

"Fortunate is anyone that has the opportunity to study art with Jeff!"

‘I took a clay modeling class with Jeff a few years ago and remember feeling pure enjoyment and inspiration. Jeff had a clear format to follow and interesting exercises that introduced us to the clay. Jeff models artful living and his classes are yet another example of this. Fortunate is anyone that has the opportunity to study art with Jeff!’

• Clay Sculpture Class, 2016

Modeling from natural object.
Carla Fabian

I’ve organized each Module into focused lessons featuring video demonstrations supported by a written workbook complete with explanations, key takeaways, action steps, and Pro tips.

A Limited One-Time Offer

The first time I offer The Art of Heat Colored Steel Engraving course,

It will be at a reduced introductory price.

So whether you’d be ready to start today, or need some time to think, 

Download the guide and get on the waitlist so you can learn more and have a chance to participate in this special offer.

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Q & A

No worries. You may have to tool up and have a slightly longer learning curve as you become familiar with the tools, but the Art of Heat Colored Steel Engraving course will walk you step-by-step through the process. In my experience, art is all about putting a little on, and taking a little off, until we get it just right. It’s the same with any medium. The skills we develop working with one material will often translate to the next.

I’m hoping to have the course ready by mid-summer 2021. I’ll keep everyone on the waitlist posted with an updated ETA.

Modules will be released weekly, giving you time to implement what you learn in each Lesson and practice until you are satisfied with the results. After you watch each video, you can review the workbook and complete each action step. And if you have a question or need support, I’ll be available in the free Heat Colored Steel Engraving Community Facebook group.

Access to the course content is unlimited. The Community Facebook Group will be active during the eight weeks of the course.

It’s a self-paced, eight-week course. I’ve divided each Module into easy to consume lessons. Plan to block out a minimum of a few hours a week to practice and implement what you learn.

The essential tools are a flexible shaft, or pneumatic die grinder, a selection of abrasives, and a propane torch. An angle grinder or even an orbital sander is also handy to have. I made the vast majority of my early engravings using only a Foredom flexible shaft grinder with a straight handpiece. The scale of your work will determine the size of the torch you need. (If you’re on a tight budget, you’ll find a good selection of used equipment on eBay.) You will also need a selection of small rectangular sheet steel blanks. These can be cut by your steel supplier, or with a metal cutting jigsaw or plasma cutter, or shear.

I’m creating the course for both beginning and experienced metal artists.

Yes. I’ve included a section in the Setting Up Shop Module just for you. I’ll give you examples of ways to create a simple workspace in your home, a garage, or a covered outdoor area. Your particular situation may affect the scale of work you can produce. Still, you can make beautiful work even with limited space. You will need a well-ventilated area free of flammables for heat coloring.

As with any medium, you can adapt it to almost any style of art. Once you understand the fundamentals, it becomes second nature to find ways to use a new medium to enhance and complement our artistic vision.

Yes, I’ll be available during the eight-week course to answer your questions in the free Heat Colored Steel Engraving Community Facebook group.

Since you’ll be working with power tools, sharp edges, and fire, it’s important to do it safely. I’ll go over general safety considerations throughout the course. Still, it is your responsibility to read, understand, and follow your tools’ safety instructions and to wear personal protective equipment.

Now to Action

If you’ve read this far, you’re probably already imagining how great your art will look in heat colored steel. If you’re a self-learner (with a lot of extra time for trial and error), you could just download my free guide and get started today. But, I’ve learned a few things over the years about heat coloring and making metal wall art, and if I’d had the opportunity to learn what I know in eight weeks, I’d have jumped at it.

PS. If you could see how just one of your ideas or artworks looked in the medium, which would you choose?

Best regards,

WOODTEB interview - Jeff Dean

Jeffrey H. Dean

Download the guide and get on the waitlist

Follow this link to See more examples of heat colored steel engravings. 

What clients, teachers, and students have to say…

"He exceeded the expectations of all involved in the project."

• Through Your Spotting Scope

"Jeff Dean was a pleasure to work with and provided an exceptional piece of artwork months ahead of schedule.

His website was used to provide real-time updates, detailing every step of the process. 

I was most impressed with his ability to collaborate with the client and design artwork which synergized with the vision and purpose of the Interpretive Center facility. 

He exceeded the expectations of all involved in the project."

Jeff Dean stands beside Through Your Spotting Scope, recently installed at teh new Kesugi Ken Interpretive Center.
Eric Hershey, P.E.
Project Manager
Department of Transportation & Public Facilities

"…exemplifying a true quest for knowledge."

• Artists in Schools Residency, 1984

"… Jeff demonstrates enthusiasm in his sculpture pursuits, problem solving skills, and a willingness to accept responsibility.

He's reliable, industrious, independently oriented, open minded and willing to try new challenges and endeavors. Jeff has an excellent work ethic; he's tenacious; experimenting with a variety of ideas, media, and techniques exemplifying a true quest for knowledge.

He's cooperative and sensitive to student needs and feelings. Jeff is truly professional!
Clay tile relief made with Ben Eilson High students.
Carol Hilgemann
Retired High School Art Teacher

"His engaging nature and strong talent held the students attention throughout the classes."

• Artists in Schools Residency, 1978

Quick sketches of natural objects from memory.
Elizabeth A. Mitchell
Retired High School Art Teacher
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