Rooster at Dawn

This abstract wood sculpture echoes the  crow of a primordial rooster at the first sunrise.

  • Black cherry and spruce burl

This wood sculpture of a rooster at dawn was made from the naturally broken slab of a hollow North Carolina cherry log and an Alaskan spruce burl.

When I cut a standing dead cherry tree to make the forked boards for Mountain Man with Raven, I used the hollow trunk to carve Honey Bear and the Bee. When I trimmed the bottom for the bear carving, I had this crescent shaped piece leftover. The silhouette reminded me of a rooster’s head and wing. The spruce burl was part of the wood stash we hauled south in an old school bus when we moved from Fairbanks to Tennessee in the mid-80’s.

Walnut base.
About 30” H

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