Heat Coloring Essentials

Taking Control of Heat Coloring Your Metal Art

Learn what it takes to achieve consistent results with heat coloring steel.

In my 90-minute online workshop, Heat Coloring Essentials – Taking Control of Heat Coloring Your Metal Art, I share exactly how to get consistent results with heat coloring steel.

I detail the essential factors necessary for mastering the art of heat coloring. A few of the things we’ll cover are:

The Heat Color Spectrum
– What are heat colors?
– Your heat color palette?
– How do heat colors set themselves apart from other patinas?

Your Workspace
– Important safety considerations
– Optimal workstation design
– Lighting considerations for best results
– Workpiece support configuration

Your Heat Source
– Choosing the Right Torch
– Choosing the right fuel
– Torch Size vs. Workpiece Size

Your Technique
– Factors that affect the result
– Torch pattern basics
– Adapting your technique to unique shapes and special situations

All for only $47

An example of the effects made possible by combining decorative metal grinding and heat coloring. This design aspires to convey the age-old patience of the hunter and the elusiveness of the seal. A man kneels near his kayak on a barren ice flow, patiently watching the water through a well-worn breathing hole. Made through the art of heat colored steel engraving.


Just $47 USD

We want you to be satisfied with your purchase, and we also want you to give your best effort to apply the course content. Therefore, we offer a 14-day refund period for purchases. Follow this link for the details: Refund Policy.

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