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I am still a Tennessee hill girl at heart. I have a propensity for donkeys, pigs, banjos, patchwork quilts, and potatoes. I grew up in Tennessee but everyone said where are you from, you are not from here. My dad was a Dutch artist and professor of horticulture, he grew up in Holland and had the accent, so I acquired my own unique Dutch southern drawl and like my dad, I am an artist and a creator of magical worlds whether it be a garden, a doll house, or a sculpture.

I met Jeff my husband, and sweetheart of over thirty years when his father was on sabbatical. They came to Tennessee in the summer of ’69. I was six and he was twelve at that time and we spent the summer riding ponies, swimming in the round swimming pool my dad had dug by hand, and roaming the fields looking for box turtles.

That is when I learned about Alaska and felt the call of the birch trees, the log cabins, the winter snows, and the midnight sun.

I had a picture of a Russian lady all bundled up with a milk bucket standing by a moose she had milked. That picture fascinated me and I kept it for years.

When I was 18 we received a letter from Jeff with drawings of all of the things he had been doing and remembering from his time in Tennessee.

I fell in love with that letter and in 1985 I came to Fairbanks and stayed with Jeff’s parents. His dad was a bear biologist and his mother a potter. They lived in a log cabin surrounded by birch and aspen trees and they welcomed me, with opened arms into their home and their hearts.

Jeff lived in a yurt not far from his parents and he ask me to a dance. I said yes and I think we both knew from that very first moment that we were the one.

We got married on my family farm in Tennessee and spent ten years in the North Carolina mountains when our kids were young. We had a small farm and made our living as sculptors. We moved to Homer in 2000.

I love to garden. pick berries, write, dance, cultivate with my donkey, make quilts and sculptures and furniture, dry herbs, walk on the beach, smell the roses, and spend time with family and friends.

We live here in Homer and are blessed with three amazing creative children that are pursuing their own dreams.

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