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Sculpture Portfolio of Contemporary Sculptors, Jeff and Ranja Dean

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As contemporary sculptors, Ranja and I enjoy working in a diversity of subjects, styles, materials and techniques. This variety, which keeps the creative juices flowing, results from many things:

• New ideas arise from forms and subjects suggested by the shape and character of a naturally weathered piece of wood or stone.

• A subject suggested by the gesture of a pinched and twisted piece of clay or wax can be the origination of a new sculpture.

• Textures, patterns, or a chance arrangement of objects can lead to new compositions.

• Fleeting moments glimpsed in passing may spark the inspiration.

• And new techniques, tools or methods of work develop in response to the needs of the project at hand or the unique setting of a commissioned sculpture.

We experience visual art through sight and touch. As I make something, whether it be by modeling with clay or wax, carving in wood or stone, engraving steel or assembling different materials together, I’m guided by the feelings I get when I see and touch the work in my hands. The innate intention of an artist is to distill the essence of both subject and material and I’m constantly working to clarify the form and design in order to convey the feeling I’m inspired by.

When I succeed, the feeling and essence conveyed become a common thread that brings the diversity together

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