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Wood sculptures and carvings

Here are examples of my wood sculptures.

Click an image to learn, the story behind the work, and see more images of the finished piece and the process of creating it.


Wood Carving

Aside from the little clay baseball player I made in nursery school and the paper mache whooping crane I made in 3rd grade, wood carvings are among the first sculptures I remember making. My father, a wildlife biologist, returned from the Brooks Range one summer when I was little, bringing a couple of carvings he’d whittled on his trip. One was a beaver I think and the other a loon which I still have.

In high school, I carried a pocket knife and a leather pouch with whatever small carving I was working on and carved during breaks. Later, I began with some larger pieces of wood. I still love carving wood, whether it’s a complete sculpture or an element of one of my metal and wood wall pieces.

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