Welcome to the Dean Gallery

Our summer hours are 1-5 pm Tuesday and Saturday and 5-9 pm on First Fridays.

We are also open by Appointment so give us a call if another time works best for you.

Follow us on Instagram and Facebook for updates on new work, special shows and gallery hours. Located at 40374 Waterman Rd. in Homer, Alaska,5 miles out East End Rd. Follow the signs on Waterman.

Open Studio for July First Friday – 5-9 pm July 5th

Along with refreshments in the gallery, The Dean Gallery will be hosting an open studio to preview current progress on Jeff’s commission for the new Paul John Calricaraq Project Health Center in Bethel. ‘Seal Moon Rising’ will be a 12’ wide x 5’ high.
The design aspires to convey the age-old patience of the hunter and the elusiveness of the seal. A man kneels near his kayak on a barren ice flow, patiently watching the water through a well-worn breathing hole.

Five seals surround him, four of them blend with the colors and textures of their background, giving them an ethereal and spirit like quality. The fifth, in the center, represents a living seal, warily watching, waiting in the depths below the ice. On the horizon, the moon rises, its light filling the sky and shining across the water. It’s surrounded by a subtle, halo type aura in the form of a seal mask.

The wall piece will be made in engraved and heat tinted steel with a wooden border and a beach wood base. 

The Dean Gallery features a wide range of art by Ranja, Jeff, and M’fanwy Dean, including large focal point works in engraved and heat tinted steel, bronze and wood sculptures, carved wood panels, and specialty prints on wood, metal, and paper.

The unique gallery, with its freestanding, timber frame walls, will give you a little taste of what people see on a Dean Family Farm and Art Studio tour.

The gallery walls and display units are built with reclaimed redwood from a tank I dismantled in Haines, Alaska. You’ll find details of their making below.

Thank you for visiting. Enjoy your virtual tour of our gallery. Please get in touch if you’d like to visit in person.

Here are a few photos and videos showing how the new walls were made.

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