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Come Adventure with us at the Dean Homestead and Art Studios for a Heartfelt, Handmade, and One-of-a-Kind Homer, Alaska tour.

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Immerse Yourself in our Creative Alaskan Lifestyle

Dean Family Farm and Art Studios Tour in Homer, Alaska

If you’ve been wondering about cultural things to do in Homer, Alaska, consider joining Alaskan artists, Ranja and Jeff Dean for one of the more undiscovered Homer, Alaska tours.

Immerse yourself in our creative Alaskan lifestyle as you meander through our Alaska homestead. You’ll see a menagerie of art and animals, gardens, and architecture – From patchwork quilts to timber frame barns, towering beach logs, arched roofed structures, innovative tools, farmstead gadgets, and fine art.

Learn about life in Alaska, fitting with the climate and following the seasons, animal and plant breeds that thrive in the North, creative building, flower foods, wild foods, herbs, and herb drying.

Oh, and Yeti, our 2500 lb pasture ornament, will likely be one of the highlights of your tour.

You’ll visit working art studios and see art in the making. The educational tour lasts around 2 hours, ending with a visit to The Dean Gallery.

Enjoy a Unique Homer Cultural Experience

We hope to bring magic to your day and inspire and encourage you in your originality, as we share a lifetime of inspiration, dedication, and diverse creative output.

View of the Dean farm from the hill behind Dean Family Farm and Art Studios overlooking Kachemak Bay and the Kenail Mountains.

The Dean homestead, art gallery, and studios are nestled among the red-caned wild roses on the Homer bench, up against the hill with sweeping views of Kachemak Bay State Park and the Kenai Mountains.

Most of our mornings are booked with Backroads Adventure groups or other private tour companies. Our public tour availabilities are Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday at 2:00 pm.

If your schedule doesn’t match one of these times, give us a call, as we may be able to accommodate you at a different time.

And, if you can’t work a tour into your schedule this trip, you’ll get a little taste of what you would have experienced when you visit The Dean Gallery.

It's a Glimpse into the Lives of an Alaskan Family

Are you looking for things to do in Homer, Alaska? This video will introduce you to what you'll see on a Dean Family Farm and Art Studios Tour.
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For same-day bookings or more information call or text 907-299-4124, or send us an  email

Wow! Amazing, beautiful, engrossing
We visited as a part of a longer tour we were on, and I was a little skeptical as neither art nor farms is my thing. I came away practically glowing - the Deans are fabulously creative, inventive, and welcoming, with a wonderful aesthetic. Their gardens, animals, design, buildings, and stories will make you realize how differently a life can be well lived, and but for the winter weather, make you wish they’d adopt you. Any one of the flower garden, vegetable and herb gardens, animal collection, or ingenious buildings would be enough to make this family jaw droppingly impressive, but on top of all that they are accomplished artists. A greatly appreciated 2 hour visit. Thank you!
Mark D.
TripAdvisor review - June 2022

We were honored to be featured in Ensemble Vacations’ article on worldwide artisans Extraordinary Experiences publication. 

Dean Homestead and Art Studios Tour Highlights

Enjoy Creative Architecture

From the hammer-beam arches of the studio and goat barn to the structures of the donkey barn, home, sheds, and The Dean Gallery, you'll see beautiful examples of traditional and innovative timber framing. If you're interested in the process, be sure to ask about Jeff's Timber Jig timber framing tool.​

Yeti the yow lays in front of his cordwood and timber frame barn enjoying the sun.

Meet Remarkable Animals

Our rustic animal breeds will greet you; shaggy donkeys that are half French Poitou, wooly milk goats, heirloom chickens, and of course, Yeti the yow, our 2500-pound pasture ornament.

Visit Working Art Studios

We'll take you through our art studios where you'll See Art in the Making. Whether it's one of Jeff's current art commissions or work we're creating for The Dean Gallery, you'll get a feel for what goes into making our artwork.

Walk Winding Garden Paths

You'll walk through beautifully landscaped herb, rock, and vegetable gardens where in addition to enjoying their beauty, you'll learn about flower foods, wild foods, herbs, and herb drying.

Learn about Farmstead Tools & Innovations

From handmade to high tech, you'll see a variety of innovation. A sporty handmade donkey cultivator, our innovative solar thermal and wood boiler heating system with Jeff's custom software and controller, The versatile homemade Timber Jig, a walk-through garden tool shed, and more.

Homer is an art town, and one of people’s favorite things to do in Homer is to browse the local art galleries. Your tour ends in The Dean Gallery, one of Homer, Alaska’s more unique art gallery spaces.

The Dean Gallery features artwork by your hosts, Jeff, Ranja, and M’fanwy Dean. From significant, focal-point metal and wood wall art to limited edition bronze sculptures, intricately-carved wood panels, specialty prints, and other merchandise, there is something for everyone.

When you think about things to do in the Homer area, and a Homer Alaska tour, what typically comes to mind are bear viewing, kayaking across the bay, fishing, and flight-seeing tours.

However, if you’re looking for a local cultural and artistic adventure during your Alaska travels, a Dean Homestead and Art Studios tour may end up being one of the highlights you checked off your Things To Do In Homer, Alaska bucket list.

View from the donkey barn at Dean Family Farm and Art Studios overlooking Kachemak Bay.

These are some of the things you’ll experience on your tour

• Our well-equipped timber frame studio with its arched doorway and hammer-beam trusses

• Delightful, timber and cordwood masonry barns and animal houses

• Beautifully landscaped herb, rock, and vegetable gardens

• A large variety of Alaska hardy fruit trees and berry bushes

The Dean Gallery featuring Unique and limited edition sculptures and artwork in bronze, wood and other materials

• Original, Heat tinted, engraved steel wall art

• Carved wood panels and Ink miniatures

• Beautiful, Ferro-cement rabbit houses

• Rustic and unique animal breeds, including Shaggy Donkeys, Wooly Milk Goats, Heirloom Chickens, and Yeti, a Yak/Cow-cross

• A sporty handmade donkey cultivator

• An innovative solar thermal system with its custom software and controller

• The versatile Timber Jig timber framing tool

• a walk-through garden tool shed, and more…

More of what our guests have to say:

Read our 5 star reviews on Trip Advisor

In all my years as a lover of the artful melding of landscape and built environment, I have never seen such a high degree of creative diversity, magnificent craftsmanship, and architectural charm as the Deans have created. From the elfin chicken houses and rabbit warrens, the enchanting donkey and goat barns, the handmade house chocked full with a lifetime of artistic output, the prolific vegetable and herb gardens, and down to the last hand-hewn garden tool - it is inspiring to the highest degree and like nothing you have ever seen!
Betsy Webb
Retired Curator of Collections
Pratt Museum - Homer, Alaska
A treat for your creativity, serenity, and soul
Thank you Ranja and Jeff for an amazingly inspiring visit to your home, for sharing the beauty, the wit, the creativity and the loving soul of your life’s work and art, so far! We came away enriched! To everyone out there thinking of asking for a tour – make sure to get a visit in before everyone else hears about this hidden gem and you will have to stand in line to get to experience it. / Kindest regards Pernille and Niklas, Sweden Ps. Looking forward to reading your book of magical encounters, when you’ve written it Ranja.
Pernille and Niklas
To visit Jeff and Ranja's homestead is to step into an alternate reality, one filled with magic and beauty at every turn. The first thing that struck me on a visit to their place was the wonderfully unique architecture of their handmade buildings (house, workshop, barn, goat house, even the tool shed, chicken coops and rabbit hutches!) and the way they fit so perfectly into their environment, including the gardens which are every bit as beautiful as the structures. Stepping inside their home I found delightful surprises around every corner - from homemade benches and quilts to a dollhouse, rounded countertops and beautifully worked doors and windows. Everything on the homestead is a testament to the imagination, creativity, and skill of the Deans. And then there is the wonderful menagerie of unique animals that they have there - a yow, shaggy donkeys, goats, a grazing pig, etc. Every time I visit their homestead I come away inspired and with a silly grin on my face, thrilled to know a couple like Jeff and Ranja who have truly mastered the art of living and artful living. As a local guide, I was excited to bring some of my guests out to the Dean homestead. They were as taken with the place as I was, and one guest told me afterward that her experience there had been 'life-changing.' I will certainly try to include a visit to the Deans with friends, family, and guests coming to Homer in the future!
Carla Fabian
Tour Guide
This place is magical. I can never describe it to people and do it justice. I have been to their place a million times and never cease to be surprised and enchanted each time. The thought and care put into every corner, every curve, and every surface makes the whole farm an intertwined piece of art. It is my favorite showcase of how to live thoughtfully, how to live with beauty, how to be intentional in the creation of our lives. That is no small task. For the first-time visitor, to see it all in a few hours will be overwhelming. No matter how many times you visit, you will leave questioning how you live your life, how you can bring more love and creativity into it. If nothing else, I bet you will leave at least wondering why your house has so many boring square corners.
Kyra Wagner
Coordinator, Sustainable Homer

Please keep these details in mind:

  • We’re located in Homer, Alaska on the beautiful Kenai Peninsula. About 10 minutes from downtown, and 15 minutes from the airport. It’s an easy drive to find us. We don’t provide transportation but suggest you contact one of the local cab companies if you need to. Make sure they know to pick you up 2 hours after the start of the tour.
  • Tours are by reservation only.
  • Please book your tours online. For same-day booking, we require a 2-hour minimum before the tour time.
  • We work hard to provide a quality experience, so please plan on spending at least two hours with us. The walk distance itself is not long, but you’ll be outside much of the time. After the walk, we’ll visit the gallery.
  • Your group may not be the only guests; we take up to twelve guests per tour.
  • Wear season/weather-appropriate clothing. The weather here in Homer can change fairly quickly so be sure to come prepared.
  • If you arrive early, you may have to wait in your car while we finish preparing for your tour.
  • Our tours are by reservation only. This is our home; please respect that.
  • Prices are $65 per adult, $35 per child 3-12, under 3 free, prices can change seasonally.
  • For safety purposes all children must be supervised by an adult at all times, children under 3 must be in a backpack carrier.
  • Each tour has a two-person or $130 minimum.
For same-day bookings or more information Call or text 907-299-4124 or 907-299-5175, You can also send us an  email

Some Other Things to do in Homer Alaska

When people are wondering about things to do in Homer, the first things that come to mind are fishing, hiking, and kayaking across Kachemak Bay or visiting the many art galleries in the area. 

Many of our guests have considered the Dean Homestead and Art Studio tour to be one of the top things to do in Homer, a highlight of their Alaska trip.

We welcome you to join us and decide for yourself.

Dean Homestead and Art Studios
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