Save Time Hanging Pictures At Eye Level
With an Innovative Picture Hanging Tool

Save time hanging pictures at eye level using my innovative picture-hanging tools.

Whether you’re a gallerist,  museum curator, interior designer, or art collector,

If you hang pictures at eye level and want to streamline your picture-hanging system,

My eye-level picture-hanging tools enable you to hang pictures in a fraction of the time of traditional picture-hanging methods.

A Zero-Math Picture Hanging System

There’s nothing like the satisfaction of curating an art exhibit or acquiring new artwork.

But pictures don’t hang themselves,

And hanging pictures at eye level can be tedious.

You know the picture-hanging formula and optimal height for picture hanging,

Your picture-hanging system is dialed in –

  • Measure – divide,
  • Measure – subtract,
  • Add and calculate…

But with each picture a specific size,

And every hanger at a different height,

You’ve got your work cut out!

– And Art is Supposed to be Good for the Soul

The Ubiquitous Picture Hanging Formula

A diagram illustrating the calculations used for determining the picture hanging height when using the picture hanging formula for hanging paintings and other art at eye level. 1. Measure the height of each picture, 2. Divide it in half, 3. Subtract the distance from the hanger to the top of the picture frame, 4. Then, add the result to whatever picture hanging height you use to hang art on walls.

This diagram illustrates the universal picture hanging formula exhibit technicians use to find the picture hanger height when hanging art centered at eye level.

Written as Z=W+(x/2-y), the equation is solved with the following steps:

  1. Measure the picture frame height (x),
  2. Divide it in half,
  3. Measure and subtract the distance from the hanger to the top of the frame (y),
  4. Add the result to your predetermined eye-level picture-hanging height, typically 57″. (w).
  5. Fasten the hanger to the wall at (z).

Creating an Efficient Picture Hanging Solution

When I was on the visual arts committee for our local arts council in the early ’80s, we hung exhibits with pictures centered at eye level.

We used the picture-hanging formula, and my frustration with the time required to hang each show inspired me to find a more efficient method.

It’s not that I was lazy or couldn’t do the math.

But I had little patience with the steps and time required to calculate the picture hanger height for each artwork.

Even today, with apps at our fingertips, it’s a time-consuming task.

Not to mention those pesky fractions!

I knew there was a more efficient way.

Being hardwired to find solutions for vexing problems, I’ve invented countless ways to make my job easier throughout 40 years as a professional sculptor, .

Discovering how to hang pictures at eye level in a fraction of the time of traditional methods was no exception.

I set out to develop a tool that solved the picture-hanging formula without using math.

As I lay awake in the early morning hours, I worked out the prototype for my first eye-level picture-hanging tool.

After the proverbial Aha moment and a hasty breakfast, I made my first eye-level picture-hanging tool.

The visual arts committee received it with delight,

And hanging the next show was a breeze.

Needless to say, my trusty Eye Level Gallery Pole has been in use ever since.

'For lack of a better description, I found this hanging device to be magical.'

"In the late 1980's and early 1990's I was the Gallery Coordinator for the Fairbanks Arts Association. My duties included installing their monthly exhibits at the Bear Gallery in the Fairbanks Civic Center and supervising a small volunteer staff to hang these shows. It is the largest gallery in Interior Alaska. Given that we had, on average, 5 days to take down one exhibit and install the upcoming exhibit I found the unique tool that Jeff Dean had created to be extremely useful.

For lack of a better description, I found this hanging device to be magical. It was fairly simple to use and cut the hanging process of these exhibits by half or even less. It is truly a time-saving device. I am excited to hear that Jeff is creating a new and improved version. If I were still a gallery coordinator I would absolutely invest in this new tool."
Todd Sherman
Professor of Art, Emeritus University of Alaska Fairbanks

So Where Has it Been All These Years?

A quick internet search reveals many picture-hanging hacks and an equal number of picture-hanging tools and tips to make hanging pictures on walls easier.

One gallery owner went so far as to create an online painting height calculator to make it easier to solve the picture hanging formula. And, if you’re new to picture hanging, his blog has an excellent picture hanging guide covering all aspects of how to hang pictures on walls.

But, in all my research, I’ve yet to find a gallery hanging system that eliminates the need for a tape measure and calculator when centering pictures at an eye-level picture hanging height.

I’ll be the first to say I feel remiss for not sharing the Gallery Pole with the art world 40 years ago.

I took steps to do so, with a provisional patent and an honorable mention in the Arctic Innovation Competition, but my art career took priority.

Interestingly enough, as I lay awake practicing my presentation for the competition, a rogue idea popped into my head about how I could accomplish the same thing with a pocket-sized tool.

Though I didn’t speak about that the next day, I’m excited to finally have a way to share both of these tools with you and the rest of the art world.

Introducing my Eye-Level Picture Hanging Tools

Hang Your Pictures at Eye Level Without Using Math

Whether you hang artwork alone or with a team, my two picture hanging tools will streamline your system of hanging pictures, freeing more time for other tasks.

Their concept is simple, solving the picture-hanging formula quickly without math.

They enable you to determine and mark the picture hanger height on the wall in seconds.

But first, a disclaimer:

They’re not in commercial production,

However, both are surprisingly easy to make, using only scissors, a tape measure (the last time you’ll need to use it for hanging pictures : ), and readily available supplies.

I’ll show you exactly how to make and use them both in my concise online workshop so you can decide which works best for your situation.

The live workshop dates are Thursday, February 21, 2023, at 11 am Alaska time

and Sunday, February 26, 2023, at 10 am Alaska time.

You’ll have ongoing access to the workshop recording if you can’t make it live.

You get an Introductory Early Bird Price of just $27 until 2/11/23

After that, it’s $47.

Reserve your spot today.

'The device does away with the need to calculate the hanging height for every artwork, which adds convenience and can speed the hanging process.

"Fairbanks Arts manages the Bear Gallery, which has hosted exhibitions for the Fairbanks community for going on 60 years. Bringing these shows to fruition requires hundreds of staff and volunteer hours each year. We have used the pole for over a decade as a way to facilitate volunteer assistance in hanging exhibitions. The device does away with the need to calculate the hanging height for every artwork, which adds convenience and can speed the hanging process."
Jess Peña
Executive Director - Fairbanks Arts Association

Make Your Own Eye-Level Picture Hanging Tools

Easy to Make and a Pleasure to Use
$ 27
  • Simple Concept
  • Easy to Make Using Familiar Materials
  • A Pleasure to Use

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We want you to be satisfied with your purchase, and we also want you to give your best effort to apply the workshop content. Therefore, we offer a 14-day refund period for purchases. Follow this link for the details: Refund Policy.

* Just $27 USD until 2/11/2023

'I certainly wish I'd found it two years ago.'

"When I took this position, I found myself overwhelmed by the time consuming process of hanging artwork traditionally, with tape measurer and calculator. I have since devised a system that works very well, but It was apparent after working with the Eye-Level Gallery Pole for a short time that it was very easy, quick and intuitive to use. I compared previously hung artwork where I had used traditional methods and found the accuracy of the Eye-Level Gallery Pole to be satisfyingly comparable but required much less effort. I certainly wish I'd found it two years ago."
Chase Warren
Museum Exhibits Manager

If you’re wondering what the best picture-hanging tools are, it depends on the task at hand.

But, if you hang pictures centered at the typical gallery or museum hanging height, then my eye-level picture-hanging tools may become the most valuable picture hanging solutions in your toolkit for speeding up your gallery hanging system.

PS. : ) As an artist and gallery owner, I have to add that if you’re looking for original metal wall art or sculpture, be sure to take a look at my online gallery and commissions page or visit us at The Dean Gallery here in Homer, Alaska.

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