Metal Wall Art Gallery

Limited Edition and One of a Kind Wall Pieces in Heat Tinted and Engraved Steel with Wooden Accents

These pieces are created using techniques I’ve developed over the years for making layered steel wall pieces which are engraved and colored with heat tints. These are made by engraving and grinding designs into sheet steel using carefully chosen abrasives to define and model forms, create a sense of depth and suggest movement.

The heat tints are produced by carefully heating the steel with a large torch. They are integral to the surface of the metal, coloring but not covering the grinding patterns. The completed work is then sealed with a clear protective finish.

This innovative technique produces pieces with a dynamic visual effect that changes with the light and viewing angle. The interplay on the metal’s surface of diurnal and seasonal variations in natural and artificial lighting gives each work an extensive range of characteristics not found in art made from other materials. It takes a two-dimensional work beyond the limitations of a static viewport and transforms it into one of rich and varied character.

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