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Cordwood Masonry

Building With Cordwood

We’ve used cordwood construction in several buildings at Dean Family Farm & Art Studios including the workshop, donkey barn, goat barn, and the charming outhouse for The Dean Gallery and our tours. This video shows the process of placing the cordwood infill in the lower section of our goat barn. It was made by my son Tehben, who is now a cinematographer. His current work can be viewed on his website. 

Link to video showing the process of cordwood building.
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Music: Lazy John, from the album “Paul Brown: Red Clay Country”. Used with permission of the artist.

Song: traditional, from Clyde Davenport with an additional verse by Brad Leftwich

Album available from the artist at

Barn Raising

We had placed the cordwood in the lower section of the barn and finished cutting the upper frame with the Timber Jig, and it was time to raise it. I designed the barn to incorporate a dovetail, homestead cabin that had been moved to the property before we purchased it.


Tehben put his Canon 5D camera high in the top of a spruce tree and set it to take this time-lapse video. Pay particular attention to the animals in the lower pasture. : )

Cover image for timber frame barn raising time lapse vidwo
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The cordwood buildings at Dean Family Farm and Art Studios

The finished goat and yak barn at Dean Family Farm & Art Studios

Yeti the yow lays in front of his cordwood and timber frame barn enjoying the sun.

Yeti in front of barn

North door in the yak and goat barn

Cordwood tack room in donkey barn at Dean Family Farm and Art Studios.

Cordwood tack room on the donkey barn

Placing a large cedar log in the studio wall

There are three of these sections in the workshop

Cordwood outhouse

Join us on a Dean Family Farm and Art Studios tour to visit these cordwood and timber frame buildings in person. And, if you come on one of our tours, we can tell you more about the process. There are also some excellent resources online including Earthwood and Cordwood Construction.


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