Early Risers

  • Farmer plowing with his horse and dog in the early morning moonlight.
  • The first two versions I made of this design were incorporated into coffee tables.
  • The second version pictured here is currently available for purchase. Early Risers 3

I've always loved making circular designs, probably from my pottery background. We were living in the  mountains of North Carolina when I made this design. We had a large, Percheron draft horse at the time. This 48″ diameter sawmill saw blade was engraved with grinding tools and colored with oxidation colors or heat tints, using a large torch. The work proceeds from hot to cold so as not to change areas that have already been colored.

I made a coffee table frame with a steel hoop edge for a couple of these.

Available in a Limited Edition of 6 by custom order.

The chips are flying… don’t miss another moment.

Jhdean sculpture portfolio sm

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