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Salmon Stream Table

  • Life cycle in salmon stream.
  • Engraved steel with heat colors on cherry table.

Commissioned in 2003 by a friend in Fairbanks, this table began with two flitch cut cherry boards cut on the jig I had built for a Woodmizer bandsaw mill. It makes it possible to swivel a log with a fork or long curve so as to always keep it within the throat of the saw. See: Sawiing Curved Logs.

They became the banks of a salmon stream depicted in engraved steel and colored with heat colors. See Engraved Steel with Heat Tints. All stages of the salmon’s lifecycle are depicted. Signs of a bear and raven can be found in the banks.

9’ L x 3’ W

I’ve been making wood and metal wall art since the early ’90s

In the Studio - How the Artwork Was Made

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