Stay Tuned for fall 2017  Sculpture classes  in Homer, AK

with Instructor Jeffrey Dean of Creative Fires Studio

Introductory Clay Modeling

To be announced –

I’ll be teaching introductory sculpture classes at my studio in Homer. They are for visual artists and sculptors alike and are designed to challenge you no matter what your level of experience.

Using the universal medium of clay and a series of innovative exercises, we’ll work to develop and hone your awareness of form and space along with your tactile and visual observation skills. No matter what your background, these exercises will prove both challenging and fun. For those with little or no sculpture background, this 14 hour class will provide you with an in depth introduction into the world of three dimensions along with foundational skills you can build upon at home or through additional classes. For those with a sculpture background, the class offers a chance to further develop your skills and challenge your senses in ways you may not otherwise make time for on your own.

Bas-Relief Modeling in Clay


To be announced –

Learn to model low relief sculptures in clay. Reliefs give you a chance to make sculptural pictures, modeling one view of a scene or design to suggest three dimensions. The challenge for bas-relief is to do so within a very narrow depth. All the parts are relative to each other and very subtile changes of angle and thickness make all the difference. We’ll begin with various exercises to help learn to see and feel forms in depth rather than only in profile. This is the foundation of relief sculpture. Using beautiful natural objects as models, we will do both quick sketches and more in depth studies. We’ll finish Sunday afternoon by starting a relief made from a composition of your own.


The classes will meet Friday evening 6-9 pm, Saturday 9 am to 5 pm with a 45 minute lunch break and Sunday 1-5 pm.

Class size is from four to eight participants. The cost for each weekend class is $180 which includes the materials fee.

Classes meet at my studio about 5 miles outside of Homer.


To learn more about my work and studio please browse our website.
For more information about the classes, contact Jeff.

The chips are flying… don’t miss another moment.

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