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Geometric and Organic Abstract Metal Wall Art

One of a series of small geometric and organic abstract heat-colored steel engravings inspired by celestial and natural themes.

You may have heard me mention the series of geometric and organic abstract metal wall art pieces I made this fall.

They’re inspired by celestial, braided river, and other natural themes.

Each began as a quick charcoal sketch on a whitened piece of cold-rolled steel scrap.

I made the initial design without forethought, working to refine whatever caught my eye about the initial scribbles.

Then, I worked to make it harmonious and added the grinding textures and heat colors in the same spontaneous spirit.

Arc of Summer 1

I had a blast making them, and finally have them available online. Each is framed with reclaimed redwood from a water tank I dismantled in Haines, AK.

My daughter spoke for Arc of Summer 1 the minute she saw it. However, it’s in an edition of seven, and I have three other versions uploaded for your home viewing pleasure.

Across the Universe

You’ll have to forgive me for the title on this one, as one of the key shapes inspired it.

Cosmic Lollipop

There are twelve new engravings available. You can see them all in my Metal Wall Arts Originals gallery or here at The Dean Gallery.

I’ve also got a number of larger focal point wall pieces available.

Whether it’s a once-in-a-lifetime gift to yourselves or something smaller for your Christmas list, I’ve got a wide selection of original metal and wood wall art, sculptures, and reproductions.

Happy Holidays,



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