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Curled Sleeping Baby Dragon

A faint breath of fire warms the tail of this mythical baby dragon, who only “appears” to be sleeping.



The curled up sleeping baby dragon in this bronze sculpture appears to be sleeping, but we know better. Unbeknownst to the casual viewer, it keeps a watchful eye open to guard whatever dragon’s hoard you might choose to entrust to it.

This mythical sleeping baby dragon will make a worthy dressing table “guardian” for your jewelry collection or any other unique treasures you may have collected throughout the ages.

It can be displayed inside or out. The beautiful green patina will weather naturally resting in your dragon garden or on a ledge beside your bathtub. You can also purchase it with a beautiful green Japanese fishing float beach combed along the Western Alaska coastline.

In addition to laying down, the bronze sculpture can be displayed in an upright position, standing on the tips of its wings and spines. If you plan to display yours in this position, I recommend getting the upright version, which is firmly mounted on a walnut base.

I was inspired to make this bronze after making a stone carving of a curled, sleeping baby dragon with a crystal ball for a relative years ago. I designed the small Black Alberene soapstone carving of a dragon to hold her 4″ natural quartz crystal ball. Baby Dragon with Crystal Ball

The dragon in this sculpture is curled with its head against its tail, a small lick of a flame comes from its mouth and wraps along the baby dragon’s tail in contrast to the mythical worm ouroboros, which is an ancient symbol of renewal and rebirth depicting a curled dragon or serpent with its tail in its mouth.

So choose your shipping method, clear a spot, and gather your treasures.

7.25″ diameter
Limited Edition of 120

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Green, Greenish brown

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