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Metal Wall Art Print Gallery

Creative Edge and Rectangular Metal Wall Art Prints from Images of Original Artwork

Over the last thirty years, I’ve developed and refined a unique metal art technique I call heat-colored steel engraving. I use this technique to make single and multi-layered metal wall art by grinding designs into sheet steel and coloring them with a torch.

I use various abrasives and grinding patterns to suggest materials, movement, depth, and sculptural form. I then color the steel with oxidation colors from the heat of a large propane torch.

The original artworks have a dynamic quality that changes with various lighting conditions and your viewing angle. 

The resulting artwork has a unique and varied character that is impossible to create using other media.

In this creative-edge metal wall art print of my layered steel and wood heat-colored steel engraving, a happily breaching humpback whale interrupts a seagull's evening meal.

These metal wall art prints are made from carefully lit images of my heat-colored steel engravings that are printed on aluminum using a process called dye sublimation.

The reflective sheer satin surface of each metal art print does an excellent job of suggesting the metallic qualities of the original metal artwork.

The creative edge prints are unique in that they are produced in the shape of the original metal wall art. I offer each metal print in a variety of sizes to fit both your space and budget.

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