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Denali Table

Alaskan, white birch coffee table with 40″ diameter steel engraving of the animals and landscape of Denali National Park.

Denali Table

My family and I have enjoyed the beautiful creativity of Jeff Dean’s artistic production in our home for nearly 20 years.  This has been in the form of the “Denali Table” which depicts various Alaskan wildlife pictured on iron set over a gorgeous wood table with metal coasters set around the table’s periphery depicting the “foot prints” of all the pictured wildlife.  This piece has been the topic of so many joyful conversations and memories and truly has forged lifetime memories for so many.  I value this piece more than any other work of art in our home.  My family and I have come to treasure this work not only for its beauty but for what it has evolved over time to represent in our Alaskan home.  Thank you so much Jeff for sharing your gift with all of us!

Jim T.,

Fairbanks, AK

Growing up in Fairbanks, Alaska, I spent a week each summer at Camp Denali which is perched on the hillside at the end of the Denali National Park road system. I was visiting my friend, Romany Wood. Camp Denali was then owned by our neighbors Ginny Wood and Celia Hunter. My father also spent many summers in Denali National Park studying grizzly bears. When I was older, he built a research cabin in our driveway and then moved it to a spot beside the Toklat River. I continue to love the braided rivers and mountain landscapes as well as the chance to see the wild animals up close.

When I had a chance to do an engraved steel table for some folks in Fairbanks, I drew this design. The texture and direction of the marks from the various grinding tools catch the light in different ways. As you walk around the table, the light is reflected from constantly changing angles. On the mountains, the grinding marks are made in different directions depending on the angle of each face of the mountain. In this way, the reflections give the effect of three dimensions.

Engraved Steel with Heat Tints
40″ diameter

On Location

In the Studio - How the Artwork Was Made

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