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Earth, Air, Fire, Water and the Blacksmith

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Dynamic, heat colored steel engraving.
36″ diameter, antique sawmill blade.
Available in custom sizes to fit your space.

Earth, air, fire and water; the resources of the blacksmith. A somewhat mystical representation of a blacksmith standing over his forge, contemplating the key elements of the craft.

I’ve been fascinated by blacksmithing since I was a teenager. I spent several weekends hanging around a blacksmith shop in Pt. Reyes Station, CA while I was at Pond Farm Potter School in the late 70’s. Since then, I’ve made a lot of carving tools and the odd part for a jig or tool.

I think it’s the transformation of a hard, cold material into a hot, plastic and malleable one that I love.
This design offers the viewer a bit of the mystique of the craft.

Engraved steel saw blade colored with heat colors.
36” diameter.

I go into detail about how I got started making metal wall art in this article.

In the Studio - How the Artwork Was Made

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