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Golden Eagle with Fish

A golden eagle perches atop a tall pole eating a freshly caught salmon in this Canadian pine house post carving.

This carving of a golden eagle was carved in place while the log house was under construction near Knoxville, TN in 1989. The house was made with huge, squared Canadian pine logs. Probably the first home to be chinked with Perma-Chink.

38″ H x 24′ W x24″ D

Golden Eagle With Fish

‘We were the very proud owners of the eagle carving that Jeff (we called him Hannum back then) did on the center support log of our hand-built log home in Knoxville, TN. When the house was built the log was a lot taller than it finally ended up and looked totally out of balance with the rest of the log structure. In fact, it detracted from the open design and was kind of overpowering. We knew it was meant to be a focal point but weren’t sure exactly what to do to make it what we wanted. I don’t remember just how we met Hannum, I think it was at a show of some kind. Whatever it was, we immediately knew that this guy could make something special out of our log.

He came to see what we had to work with and completely charmed us with his vision. Jeff wasn’t very well known at that time and all our friends thought we were out of our minds to let this unknown person take a chainsaw into the middle of our wonderful new house and just let him “go at it”. We never had a doubt. I forget how long it took, but it was a terrific experience to watch him bring that log to life and not a day went by that we didn’t admire our eagle. It was perfect. It still is.  When the time came for us to sell that home the new owners told us it was the eagle that sealed the deal for them.   It gives us great pleasure to know that eagle will be admired there for many generations.’

Bud and Pat Dietrich

In the Studio - How the Artwork Was Made

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