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Organic and Geometric Abstract Engravings

Geometric abstract heat-colored steel engraving

Though we’re always open for First Friday, we rarely have an actual show. I typically feature a newly completed piece or host an open studio to see the progress of my current commissions.

I’m not sure what got into me this month; maybe I was having too much fun making small abstract engravings.

Nonetheless, we’ve got an October show – ‘Ten for Ten.’ Ten small organic and geometric abstracts for the tenth month.


Not my typical designs; each originates from a spontaneous drawing. They begin as an exercise in balance and getting the elements to work together without too much concern over a subject.

Once it clicks, I engrave the lines, refining them further as I make them permanent in the steel.

Ready for the first heat

Working with rust textures

Another celestial engraving begun

Color, too, goes relatively unplanned, following in the footsteps of that first abstract mosaic engraving from the lessons in my Art of Heat Colored Steel Engraving course.

Luminescent heat colors contrasting light rust

I’m having fun with texture, too. Because roughness affects how the heat colors take, variations in texture also add color variation.

Freshly clear-coated engravings
Freshly clear-coated engravings
Freshly clear-coated engravings

With the engravings clearcoated and frames assembled, all that’s left is to oil the wood, paint the back panels, and mount the engravings.

Assembled frames

It’s been a whirlwind few weeks.

I hope you’ll get a chance to swing by. If you’re not a local, keep your eyes peeled here and online for pictures of finished pieces.

On another note, winter is nigh. We wondered if the apples would ripen after such a late spring, but they’re looking good.

We even took a day and the donkeys and headed out to the Ressurection Pass trail.




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