Limited Edition Originals – Variations on a Theme

Examples of limited editon original heat colored steel metal and wood wall art.

Metal Wall Art Variations - Unique Versions of a Design

I made my first layered wood and metal wall art in the early ’90s. Since then, I’ve offered many of my designs for heat-colored metal wall art in small limited editions of seven. 

I do the same for some of my early saw blade designs.

This way, more people can enjoy the particular designs while still owning a piece of original artwork.

Though I base these limited edition originals on the same drawing, I often make them in different sizes and make some in a single layer, and others multi-layered.

When someone likes one of my metal wall art pieces and commissions a version, I’ll make it in the optimal size to fit their space.

Each time I enlarge the design onto the steel, I may tweak and refine the design a bit.

And because heat coloring with a torch is more of an art than a science, not only are there subtle differences in the drawing and decorative grinding patterns, but the heat colors are never identical.

These images showcase similarities and differences between variations in different versions of the same designs, and how each limited edition original is unique in its own right.

The first picture in each grouping shows the original sketch or proposal drawing. The following images show the same views of each piece of metal wall art I’ve based on the design.

You can read more about my metal wall art, how I got started, and the processes I use to make it in this article.

You can see the original heat-colored metal or wood and metal wall art I currently have available for sale or commission in my online store.

If you are an artist, I’m curious what sorts of variations on a theme do you find yourself doing?

Drop me a line to let me know.

Comparing ​Limited Edition Originals

Lumbering and G&G Lumber saw blades.

Fishing Bear 1 and 2


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