Oh you volcano

A Young Sculptor in Italy

Sketching in Florence, in pencil and Rome

It was early in the summer of 1978 and the last week of our Italian trip. We’d been in Florence for two weeks, Rome for two more, and were driving around Sicily. It had meant missing both the summer session at Naguib School of Sculpture and also my six weeks at Pond Farm Pottery School in California. But, for a budding artist, the invitation from my aging grandmother and the call of Italy had prevailed.

I’ve been looking through my sketchbooks and wanted to share some of the drawings from our trip along with pictures of the wood, bronze and Hydrocal reliefs they inspired. If you see any you particularly like, let me know and we can discuss the possibilities of making a sculpture, relief or wall piece from it. It could be made as either a one of a kind or limited edition work and in a size and material to fit the place you have in mind.

I hope you enjoy them.

Oh you Volcano,

spewing forth the depths of my soul.
And you light snow from it’s heights-
One hot on my face, one cold as ice.
Both with a force eternally powerful.
One from the air, the other of earth.
Quiet and hissing, you both move downwards.
There is no resistance.
So small…
Light, white snow, smothers cooled, black mountain.


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